Best Filet Mignon in Spanish Fort, AL

In the mood for some seriously tasty filet mignon in Spanish Fort, Alabama?  Stop your search, ’cause Briquettes Steakhouse is where it’s at!  Whether you’re looking for a convenient place to stop for lunch or planning a nice, leisurely dinner, our menus are filled with succulent steaks and other delicious foods that are sure to hit the spot.  If you’re in the Baldwin County Eastern Shore area, you’ll find us easily:  We’re very close to the Eastern Shore Centre, just off I-10.  (Click here for a handy map!) 

Is it time to pull yourself out of a weekday slump?  Or maybe you’re looking for a special weekend treat!  Either way, we’ve got your back with our lip-smacking steaks and more!  If you’ve been daydreaming about tender, melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon, we can help you satisfy that craving—or try one of our other tasty and satisfying dishes.  The crew at Briquettes would like to invite you to bring yourself, your family, or a group of good friends to chill out in our cozy and friendly restaurant.  We’re the best place to enjoy a delicious filet mignon in Spanish Fort!

Fresh-Cut Filet Mignon in Spanish Fort, Alabama

At Briquettes Steakhouse, we treat our guests like family, with a comfortable dining room, a relaxed ambiance, and top-quality ingredients prepared with skill and care.  We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients to prepare our delicious dishes.  You can taste the quality in every bite.  

Steak and Broccoli - Briquettes Steakhouse - Mobile, AL

Our staff receive careful training in the techniques necessary to perfectly prepare each cut of beef we offer—including our delectable filet mignon—and we even cut our steaks in-house to ensure optimal freshness!  We take grilling seriously, using a special blend of charcoal briquettes, pecan, and red oak to create a unique and deliciously smoky flavor that will leave your taste buds begging for more.  

Come experience the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Briquettes—and see why our loyal repeat-customers can’t get enough of our amazing food!  Briquettes Steakhouse in Spanish Fort is the ideal place to enjoy a casual, comfortable meal with family and friends.  Steak this good is an experience that should be shared with your nearest and dearest!

Filet Mignon Steakhouse on the Eastern Shore

There’s a reason filet mignon is so popular:  It boasts an incredibly smooth, buttery texture that simply melts in your mouth.  And the flavor?  It’s delicately mild, beefy with a touch of what some describe as sweetness.  Once tasted, it is never forgotten—and our special blend of charcoal, red oak, and pecan smoke take it to a whole new level!  Filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin’s smaller end and accounts for only 2% of the animal’s weight, which makes it a particularly exclusive delicacy.  When prepared correctly, filet mignon is astonishingly tender and offers a unique flavor experience that cannot be found in any other cut of steak.  No wonder it’s synonymous with special occasions, celebrations, and splashing out!  A filet mignon from Briquettes Steakhouse is definitely worth the splurge!

Delicious Sides for Filet Mignon in Spanish Fort

At Briquettes, we understand that a great steak deserves great sides, and we cater to all tastes.  For those who prefer a classic pairing, we offer three delicious potato sides: creamy mashed potatoes, perfectly baked potatoes, and crispy French fries.  If you’re looking to add some veggies to your plate, we have tender steamed broccoli and a colorful mix of grilled veggies.  For those in search of comfort food, our mac & cheese casserole or sweet potato casserole are perfect options.  And that’s just a taste of our extensive list of sides and appetizers, not to mention our fresh salads and soups!  With so many combinations to choose from, what will you be craving today?  Whatever you settle on, it’s sure to be a flavorful and memorable meal at Briquettes!

Does someone in your family or party of friends not eat beef?  We’re pleased to offer many other options that cater to a range of diets and preferences.  You’ll find seafood, chicken, ribs, and much more on our lunch and dinner menus.  All our food is prepared fresh and flavorful so all our guests can count on enjoying a wonderful meal.  

Casual Family Steakhouse in Spanish Fort, Alabama

We hope Briquettes will become your new favorite steakhouse on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore!  If you’re seeking a relaxing and comfortable restaurant in Spanish Fort, come give us a try.  We strive to create an atmosphere where guests feel at ease—a steakhouse with a casual ambiance, where friends and families can unwind and reconnect over a delicious meal.  Amazing food tastes even better when shared with your favorite people, and at Briquettes Steakhouse, we’re eager to become your crew’s go-to destination for everything from weekday lunches to birthday celebration dinners!

Come dine with us today!  Our dining room opens Monday through Thursday from 11AM to 8PM, with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 11AM to 9PM.  If you have any questions about our Spanish Fort location or our two other restaurants located in Mobile, Alabama, please feel free to call us at 251-410-7070 or check out our contact page for address information and maps.  We look forward to serving you!