Steakhouse near Malbis, AL

Briquettes Steakhouse is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious steak near Malbis, Alabama!

If you’re looking for a conveniently located restaurant where you can find the most mouth-watering steaks on Baldwin County’s Eastern Shore, check out Briquettes Steakhouse.  With our close proximity to the shops of the Eastern Shore Centre—just off I-10—Briquettes is easily accessible, making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner.  We offer a comfortable, family-friendly dining environment with top-notch steak options to satisfy your craving for flavorful beef.  It’s a relaxed place to enjoy a meal with friends, treat your family to a night of excellent dining, or simply savor a steak on your own.  You won’t be disappointed with the welcoming atmosphere and delicious menu options at Briquettes Steakhouse!

The Best Steak Restaurant near Malbis, AL

Briquettes Steakhouse is locally owned and operated—a family restaurant where we strive to make all our guests feel like members of the family.  Our dedication to serving delicious, high-quality food has made us a popular destination for people seeking the exceptional combination of fresh steak and friendly service.  We always offer our best, extending our Southern hospitality to everyone who comes through our doors.  

Fresh-Cut Beefsteaks in the Malbis Area

At Briquettes Steakhouse’s Spanish Fort location, you can count on enjoying outstanding cuisine made with the freshest ingredients possible.  Our highly trained staff go through a thorough training program in which they learn about the different beef grades, the specific cuts we serve, and the proper preparation techniques to ensure perfection.  All of our steaks are of the highest quality, cut by hand on-site to maintain maximum freshness. 

You will have a truly unforgettable dining experience when you dine at Briquettes Steakhouse!  We invite you to come enjoy mouthwatering flavor creations calculated to make your taste buds sing.  It’s hard to beat the taste of premium beef grilled perfectly over red oak and pecan!  We feel confident that once you experience this incredible flavor profile, you’ll be eager to come back for more.

Briquettes offers a range of amazing cuts of steak, including the following:

Steak and Broccoli - Briquettes Steakhouse - Mobile, AL
Steak and Mushrooms - Briquettes Steakhouse - Mobile, AL

Of course, for some diners, selecting the right cut of steak is only the start.  What about some delicious options for steak additions to beautifully accompany that flavorful beef?  At Briquettes, we’ve got you covered with a variety of additions from which to choose—including everything from the classics, like sautéed mushrooms or onions, to something a bit more indulgent, such as parmesan or bleu cheese, bacon, or crawfish cream sauce.  

Whatever you’re craving, our team is ready to make it happen!  Visit us today for a mouth-watering steak dinner that won’t disappoint.

Baldwin County Eastern Shore Steakhouse with Lots of Options

Are you feeling like something other than beef today?  Maybe someone in your group doesn’t eat steak?  No problem at all!  

Our menus offer an abundance of other delicious options.  We’re pleased to offer a wide variety of dishes that cater to many different dietary and food preferences.  

From flavorful chicken and pork to sumptuous seafood, soups, and sides—as well as garden-fresh salads—we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy.  Rest assured that our dedication to using the best quality ingredients and preparing fresh, tasty food remains consistent across our entire menu.  

So go ahead and explore your palate today with our diverse selection of dishes!

Shrimp - Briquettes Steakhouse - Mobile, AL
Breaded Shrimp and Asparagus - Briquettes Steakhouse - Spanish Fort, AL

Browse our menus online:

Relaxed Local Steakhouse Located near the I-10 Malbis Exit

Come and experience Briquettes Steakhouse in Spanish Fort, located just off I-10 in the beautiful Baldwin County Eastern Shore.  We’re right next to the lovely historic community of Malbis, AL.  Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to South Alabama, our restaurant is the perfect dining destination for families and friends to gather, reminisce, and make new memories around the table.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring your lunch or supper is an enjoyable one with our satisfying, flavorful food, comfortable ambiance, and attentive service.  Sharing a meal with loved ones is a priceless experience, and we pride ourselves in bringing people together for memorable quality time.  Join us at Briquettes Steakhouse for an exceptional dining experience in the Malbis area.

Lunch and Dinner Steakhouse in Coastal Alabama

Come have lunch or dinner at Briquettes!  We’re open Monday through Saturday, from 11 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday, with hours extended to 9 PM on Friday and Saturday.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance at 251-410-7070.  Detailed information on our location and address can be found on our contact page.  We look forward to your visit!